Industry Liasion

MCA has a long history of dedication and service to its members and the welfare of the beef cattle industry since 1946. Its members come from all walks of life but have one common interest: cattle. MCA works closely with dozens of other agricultural organizations, exchanging ideas and experience in order to ensure a solid voice for Mississippi's agriculture industry. As a member of MCA, you're a vital part of an organization that works with the following national organizations:

Influencing Government

MCA is looking out for cattle producers in Mississippi while NCBA monitors the legislative and regulatory activity in Washington, D.C. we're working every day to influence producer legislation in a manner that benefits cattle producers. Some of the issues we're telling your side of the story on:

Fake Meat

Legislation sponsored by MCA became the first state law in America/The United States/the country to be enacted to that deals with fake meat and fake meat products. Plant based, insect based and plant based product can not be labeled meat or a meat food product in Mississippi as a result of MCA efforts.

Tax Relief

In 2018 MCA sponsored legislation that made federal disaster payments exempt from state income taxes. No in the even of a drought, hurricane or other natural disaster any federal disaster payment will not be subject to Mississippi income taxes.

Livestock Theft Bureau

The Agriculture and Livestock Theft Bureau is an investigation unit of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture with an officer in each of the nine Highway Patrol districts. The goal of the Bureau is to investigate theft and other crimes on the farm, which otherwise might go uninvestigated.

Animal Health Tax Exemption

Since July 1, 1998 purchases of animal health products for cattle have been tax exempt. MCA members and staff worked for several years to reduce cattlemen's operating cost.

Grass Roots Policy Process

MCA has an active policy development process. Accurately voicing the concerns and representing the needs of our members is job number one. The policy starts with members and county associations, works through the Policy Committee before final approval by the Steering Committee.From your house, to the state house, to the hall of the U.S. Capitol, MCA is there to represent the cattlemen and women of Mississippi.

Local Livestock Facilities

MCA was the primary lobby to secure $15 million in state matching funds for the renovation, addition, and/or construction of local multi-purpose livestock barns. Many Mississippians currently enjoy these facilities, and local communities are benefiting from the economic development they create.

Property Rights

MCA continues to support the protection of private property rights. MCA lobbied and secured passage of the Landowners Protection Act of 2019.This act will provide fairness to businesses when a crime is committed by a third party on the business’s property.

MCA Policy Book

MCA policy is a grass roots development process starting with member input on the county level. It is then brought forward by representatives of each county affiliate to the state Policy Committee which is then voted on in accordance with MCA by-laws. MCA staff of volunteer leadership work to implement legislative change based on our policy.  MCA strives to accurately represent the views of our membership, as such this policy book will change when direction is received from MCA membership. 

View and/or download the current MCA Policy Book, or request on by contacting Andy at (601) 354-8951. 

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