Preserving Our Heritage

In 1994 the executive committee of the Mississippi Cattlemen's Association met to review the organizations operations and to assess its future. Association dues have always been kept to a minimum in order to attract membership, and the expanding goals were limited by budget constraints. Office space had always been rented, and no funds were available for a permanent home. The state's Junior Cattlemen's Association had become the largest such group in the nation and the MCA budget was restricted to a small allocation for their activities, and there was no possibility of any scholarships for these deserving youngsters. The Young Cattlemen's program was similarly restrained.

To address this situation, the committee voted to create the Mississippi Cattlemen's Foundation. The Foundation will sponsor educational programs for those involved in the cattle industry, programs to instruct the public on beneficial subjects regarding beef products and research programs to advance the body of knowledge regarding the cattle industry. Since that time, over $350,000 has been pledged to work on the goals set in that first meeting but there is much work yet to be done. The building has been purchased, renovated and furnished. The Mississippi Cattlemen's Association, Mississippi Beef Council, and Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Service lease space in the building, and the Foundation maintains a large conference room and kitchen that is rented to various groups for meetings. Space has also been set aside for a library that will someday house books, artifacts, and documents tracing the history of the cattle industry in Mississippi.

Scholarships have been presented to junior cattlemen for the past five years and the Foundation supports MCA's educational programs.

How can you help?

The Mississippi Cattlemen's Foundation needs the financial support of every Mississippi cattleman to reach our goals. By keeping a "Cattlemen's Tag" on your car and truck, you will be helping support our programs. Gifts and memorials are used in the annual scholarship program. All contributions are tax deductible and may be taken in the year they are made.

Gifts to this point have included cash, appreciated stock certificates, and willed assets. Support the cattle industry and MCA today with your contribution. For more information, contact us.